The Mississippi Bandmasters Association
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Mississippi Bandmasters Association Upcoming Events:   August 27, 2016  Fall MBA Business Meeting Ridgeland High School MS Lions All State Band Visual Clinics Grenada High School Pearl High School Oak Grove High School September 24, 2016 Gulf Coast Invitational Biloxi High School Biloxi, MS Registration Form Contact Travis Coakley Tenn Tom Marching Classic Aberdeen High School Aberdeen, MS Contact Toni Reece Pine Belt Invitational Hosted by West Jones High School Jones Junior College Ellisville, MS Registration Form Contact Mark Laird October 1, 2016 Southern Stars Invitational Lewisburg High School Olive Branch, MS Registration Form Contact Kim Hallmark Groovin’ In the Grove Oak Grove High School Hattiesburg, MS Contact Sharon Laird October 8, 2016 MHSAA State Marching Evaluation Region I @ Tupelo High School Region II @ Grenada High School Region III @ EMCC hosted by Meridian High School Region IV @ Pearl High School Region V @ Gulfport High School October 15, 2016 Hurricane Classic West Harrison High School Gulfport, MS Registration Form Contact Tim Garrett Crossroads Marching Classic Corinth High School Corinth, MS Contest Information Contact Tommy Thompson Wayne County Invitational Wayne County HIgh School Waynesboro, MS Contest Information Contact Matt Walker October 22, 2016 ACT TEST DATE Class 1A, 3A, 5A State Marching Championships Pearl High School October 29, 2016 Class 2A, 4A, 6A State Marching Championships Clinton High School November 12, 2016 MS Lions All State Band Auditions 1st Round Pearl High School November 19, 2016 MS Lions All State Band Auditions 2nd Round Pearl High School December 8-10, 2016 ACT TEST DATE MBA State Band Clinic Natchez, MS March 29-April 1, 2017 MHSAA State Concert Evaluation Central Region @ Pearl High School April 3-5, 2017 MHSAA State Concert Evaluation North Region @ Tupelo High School South Region @ Oak Grove High School
2016-2017 MBA/MHSAA FORMS DIRECTORS: PLEASE READ THROUGH THE DIRECTOR TO DO LIST, COMPLETE THE FOLLOWING FORMS, AND SUBMIT THE APPROPRIATE FEES BY SEPTEMBER 15.  MHSAA Band Manual 2016-2017 COMING SOON Director To Do List (Includes all printable forms and invoices) 1. Director Registration Form - Click here to submit online (Complete a separate form for each director. Dues must be sent to Sharon Laird at Oak Grove High School Make checks payable to the Mississippi Bandmasters  Association)  Printable Form 2. MBA State Band Clinic Student Nomination List Click here to submit online (MBA Dues must be recieved by Sharon Laird at Oak Grove High School for this list  to be accepted. Please read the guidelines carefully when completing the list.) 3.  MHSAA Eligibility List - PLEASE READ ALL INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY 4. Band Bulletin IV - Print, Complete and Mail to the MHSAA in Clinton with appropriate fees. 5. MHSAA State Marching Evaluation Entry Form Click here to submit online / Due by Sept. 15 with $200 Entry Fee (Fill out online and send print out of confirmation page with the $200 Entry fee to your ASSIGNED REGIONAL SITE. Make Checks payable to your regional site.) Printable Form 6. MBA/MHSAA State Marching Championship Declaration Form - Click Here to Submit Online Due Sept. 15 with $250 Entry Fee (Fill out and send print out of confirmation page with the $250 Entry Fee to Sharon Laird at Oak Grove High School. Make checks payable to: Mississippi Bandmasters  Association) Printable Form  7. W9 Form  PRINT AND SUBMIT THIS FORM TO YOUR  BOOKKEEPER TO UPDATE THE MBA’S VENDOR ADDRESS AT YOUR SCHOOL.  This form helps to ensure checks made to the Mississippi Bandmasters Association are sent to the right address Other Forms: 8. MBA Dues Invoice - Optional - If you are using a purchase order from your school, fill this out and submit this invoice to your bookkeeper if needed to authorize payment to the MBA. 9. MBA State Band Clinic Student Fee Invoice Optional – If needed to pay  state clinic fees by a purchase order. Student Clinic Fees are due in December at  the latest. 10. MBA State Marching Evaluation Invoice - Optional – If you are using a purchase order from your school, fill this out and submit this invoice to your bookkeeper if needed to authorize payment to your regional site. 11. MBA State Marching Championship Invoice - Optional – If you are using  a purchase order from your school, fill this out and submit this invoice to your bookkeeper if needed to authorize payment to the MBA.