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State Band Clinic Files 2013 MBA State Clinic Book 2013 MBA State Band Clinic Schedule 2013 MBA Bulletin 2 - State Clinic Information MBA State Band Clinic Student Rosters Combined Student Roster - All State/Clinic Bands All State Concert Band Roster Clinic Band Roster Clinic Rules for Students Clinic Student Tryout Requirements DIRECTORS PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING: Please make your students aware of their acceptance as soon as you see them and make sure they will be able to attend (this is an ACT date).  Please contact Sid McNeil through email for any cancellations as soon as you know them.  You will have until Friday, December 6th to make any cancellations without having to pay for that student.  After Dec. 6th, you will be responsible for paying for that student. You can send still send student fees for clinic to Mr. McNeil. The cost is $110 per student and $40 per student for Wednesday night (if you are coming down on Wednesday); however, if you cannot send payment before the end of this week, please wait and pay at clinic. Invoice links are below. Please let Mr. McNeil know asap if there is anything wrong with the list. Check for misspellings, wrong gender, etc. 2013-2014 State Clinic Fees Invoice  (If Needed Due Dec. 11 TO SID MCNEIL) State Band Clinic Wednesday Night Invoice  (If needed Due Dec. 11 TO SID MCNEIL) Natchez Hotel Information for State Clinic 2013 Wednesday Night Rooming Form (pdf) 2013 Wednesday Night Rooming Form (doc) (Please complete and email or fax to Mr. and Mrs. Rigdon if your students will need housing Wednesday night of State Band Clinic.) 2013 Vendor Information for MBA State Band Clinic Regional Concert Festival Committee Report and Proposal NEMCC CEU TRANSCRIPT REQUEST FORM